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LED Tube Light T5 1200MM (T103)

LED Tube Light - T5 Series
Length : 1200mm
Item No. T103
Light Source : 456pcs SMD3528 LED
Power Consumption : 12W
Luminous Flux  : 880lm
Color Temperature : 2700K-7000K
Beam Angle : 120°
CRI : > 78Ra
Input Voltage : 80-240V
Tube Length : 1200mm
Lifespan : 30000~50000hrs
Operating Temperature : -25℃ - 50℃
Storage Temperature : -45℃ - 85℃ 
Relative Humidity : 0%-95%

Product Features:
1. Using SMD LED light source provide very bright light output with low energy usage, suitable for both commercial and domestic lighting application.
2. Designed and used as a direct replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes, our tubes have a life time in excess of 20 times that of fluorescent products and consumes signficantly less power whilst providing a smooth and consistent light output.
3. Available as warm white, cool white or pure daylight white, the light output emits evenly across surface providing balanced illumination without glare, no flicker and no UV therefore reducing eye strain and fatigue.

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