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"Treasure the World's Resources, Actively Protect the Environment" is LEEAN's Principle.
LEEAN is a high technology entrepreneurship which has been engaged in research and development, design, production, sales in one since its establishment. Leean set up its base of R&D in 2005 and established the office at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2007. Leean closely cooperates with ASTRI, which is under the government of HKSAR, of which a team of top scientific research talents gathered from home and abroad, both parties work hand in hand to create world leading environmentally friendly solid-state luminaries.
Dedication to producing high quality, high efficiency and high reliability environmental technology products are the duties of LEEAN all along. The specifications and standards of all Leean products must conform to the sales of the regions, also controls the cost strictly, in order to let the high efficiency LED streetlamp which can be supplied to all over the world, so as to create a fresh and green environment on the earth. Beneficial to protect the ecology and the earth as well. In 2008, our R&D team came up with a new breakthrough, obtained a perfect solution on optics, heat management as well as power supply, which has been realized as technical problems, high efficiency LED streetlamp adopts a natural thermal convection. Moreover, the unique modularized design enhances the flexibility of the streetlamp, and enables the streetlamp to be used in different regions, such as different road conditions, providing pedestrians and drivers a safe and comfortable road condition in order to help road safety.
In 2009, the LED streetlamp developed by LEEAN and ASTRI won the Hong Kong innovative technology award. Our company produces various types of streetlamp and indoor/outdoor LED illuminators, over the years, it has been widely used in Hong Kong and different provinces of China, achieved very good results, and has been well-commented by the users.