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VEGA High-Brightness LED Streetlamp is a product designed by using high-brightness LED technology, and makes use of a special modularized design to make the VEGA Series light, and have excellent optics and thermal performance. Comparing to traditional light sources, VEGA provides less power consumption and better lighting evenness.
- High failure tolerance
- Excellent Installation flexibility
- Large illumination area
- Superior thermal performance
- Can be wirelessly controlled (optional)
VEGA Series Street Lamp Head:
- High failure tolerance

All of the light engines are powered independently. If any one of the modules fails, the rest of the modules are not affected.

- Excellent installation flexibility

The Input power and the mount angles of the light engines can be installed tailoring the road condition, to satisfy the roadway illumination requirements.

- Large illumination area

VEGA makes its illumination area larger and evenness better by controlling the light and power individually.

- Superior thermal performance

Makes use of unique materials and structure to improve its thermal performance, and let LED work in a lower temperature, to guarantee an optical performance and a longer service life to the lamp.

- Can be wirelessly controlled (optional)

Control the streetlamp wirelessly, and adjust its light output to further save energy.

- Corridor Lamp:

- Efficient luminaire efficacy
- Low power consumption
- Low maintenance cost
- Emits Hazard light source free
- Longer lifespan

- LED Light:

- Better light output
- Lighter in weight
- lower power consumption
- efficient heat dissipation
- emits no UV or infrared radiation
- longer lifespan